Giraffe battle it out on the reserve - blog post image
Wildlife  |  17 April 2019
By Brendon Dredge

Giraffe battle it out on the reserve

Giraffe and zebra are two of the real iconic African animals. When asked what they want to see, our guests usually ask to see both zebra and giraffe alongside the Big Five. Thankfully we have both here at Kwandwe and get to see them frequently. Giraffe are often seen roaming the open areas in large journeys and feeding on the acacias near dams or river beds. They are not territorial but have a hierarchy system, which is kept in balance by frequent battles. Giraffe fight by standing side by side and swing their heads trying to hit the other with their horns in opponents’ neck or head. This may seem slow but their long necks swing the head quickly and the resulting thud can be heard quite a distance away. Young males can be seen sparring with much older males, learning the tricks of the trade, whilst, when the large males do battle this can be serious, possibly leading to a concussion if the horns strike the rivals head.   Read More

Lion Dynamics - blog post image
Wildlife  |  8 April 2019

Lion Dynamics

All families have their own special dynamics, and lions are no different. Kwandwe guide, Ryan Hilier, catches up on the the ebb and flow of life and dominance within the lion prides.

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Become a 'Braai Master'  - blog post image
Camp Life  |  27 March 2019

Become a 'Braai Master'

The word braai (pronounced “brrr-eye” and rhymes with the word “cry”) is an Afrikaans term for a “barbecue” or “roast”. The noble braai is an important social custom in South Africa and unites the country before sporting events, on days celebrating our heritage and of course, when South Africans ...

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Time together - blog post image
Camp Life  |  15 February 2019

Time together

Slow down a little and reignite a true, face to face, connection with family and friends with a private getaway surrounded by nothing but the African bush, open skies and time to enjoy it all together. Away from cumbersome laptops, demanding cellphones and noisy traffic – find quite landscapes, o...

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Nature's Way  - blog post image
Wildlife  |  28 January 2019

Nature's Way

Nature has many faces, moments of exquisite beauty or tenderness that make your heart melt, but also moments of harsh reality.

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