Kwandwe Private Game Reserve - Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, Eastern Cape, 6140, South Africa
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The Ubunye Foundation is our social development arm. Established in 2002, the Foundation is an independent, non-profit, charitable trust that currently invests in the development of nine rural communities, two of which are located in the Kwandwe reserve.

Instead of following the traditional but outdated approach of focusing on a community’s needs and problems, the Foundation focuses on facilitating an asset-based approach to development, in which community participation holds the key to lasting change. It’s all about harnessing people’s potential rather than focusing on what they lack.

Guests at Kwandwe have the unique opportunity to participate in volunteering towards the Ubunye Foundation by donating items, getting involved in activities and/or financial donations. The downloadable document below highlights the specific needs of the Foundation. For further information on how to get involved contact Lucy O’Keeffe - or +27 (0) 46 622 7896; 

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