Celebrating our Kwandwe Community - blog post image
Community  |  18 December 2018

Celebrating our Kwandwe Community

At this time of year, we look back and celebrate everything that we have achieved together as a community here at Kwandwe Private Game Reserve with your incredible support and generosity. “Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey.” - Michael Josephson Every year, the Mgcamabele Community centre at Kwandwe, hosts the end of year graduation for the children completing their final year of pre-school. This year saw 7 children graduate much to everyone's delight and pride! Next year, these pupils move to primary school at Fort Brown, another important institution assisted by the Unbunye Foundation (founded by the owners of Kwandwe) who have provided significant improvements to the school. It's a very special moment for all of us to watch on as our young grow up and take the next steps, building on the strong foundation they have created here at Kwandwe.  Read More

Myth busted - male lions DO hunt! - blog post image
Wildlife  |  23 November 2018

Myth busted - male lions DO hunt!

As a guide, I am often asked if it’s true that male lions do not do any of the hunting and the females ‘bring home the bacon’ so to say. Well, this is not entirely true...

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Birding day - blog post image
Wildlife  |  4 May 2018

Birding day

For some it can be astonishing that people can go out into the wilds of the African bush and only “look” at birds, but for many, and more specifically us guides (the term game ranger has fallen away due to the various aspects of natural outdoors, not only “the game”-wild animals) it can keep us u...

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Iphonography - blog post image
Camp Life  |  4 April 2018


Let’s face it, drooling over many wildlife photos on Instagram can be all the motivation one needs to get back out in the bush, and of course we all want to show off a little by posting our memories of the trip.

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Lion dynamics - blog post image
Wildlife  |  28 March 2018

Lion dynamics

Our fears on the fate of the Old South Lioness appear to have been confirmed, as she has not been seen since late January. At this point we must assume she succumbed to her injuries and it is the end of an era, as this once formidable lioness is no more.

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Kwandwe Private Game Reserve location map

Big Five Game Viewing

Kwandwe is one of the largest private Big Five game viewing areas in South Africa


With 54 000 acres of private wilderness, accommodating a maximum of 52 guests, making Kwandwe one of the highest land:guest ratios in South Africa

Easy Access

Located perfectly for a self-drive or fly-in safari