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Wildlife  |  15 February 2019

Time together

Life is busy and time flies by too fast. Before you know it, you are thinking “Where has the year gone?” Slow down a little and reignite a true, face to face, connection with family and friends with a private getaway surrounded by nothing but the African bush, open skies and time to enjoy it all together. Away from cumbersome laptops, demanding cellphones and noisy traffic – find quite landscapes, open vistas and enchanting wildlife experiences. Our private villas are made just for this. Time. Families or small groups of friends have their choice of three gracious sole-use safari villas, Fort House, Uplands Homestead and Melton Manor. With private pools, spacious living areas and expansive views across the reserve, not to mention a full complement of staff discreetly on hand to ensure everything is taken care of, it is truly a haven for time together.  Read More

Nature's Way  - blog post image
Wildlife  |  28 January 2019

Nature's Way

Nature has many faces, moments of exquisite beauty or tenderness that make your heart melt, but also moments of harsh reality.

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Why Walking? - blog post image
Wildlife  |  25 January 2019

Why Walking?

There is no better way to genuinely connect with nature than by getting out there on your own two feet. It is an entirely different experience and the scale and vastness of Africa becomes significantly more apparent when you’re out on foot.

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Celebrating our Kwandwe Community - blog post image
Community  |  18 December 2018

Celebrating our Kwandwe Community

The last few weeks have been filled with celebrations for our private game reserve community. From awarding our graduating class of Kwandwe's pre-school and a Christmas Party for close to 100 of Kwandwe's children, to honouring our team members who have been with us for 15 years...

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Myth busted - male lions DO hunt! - blog post image
Wildlife  |  23 November 2018

Myth busted - male lions DO hunt!

As a guide, I am often asked if it’s true that male lions do not do any of the hunting and the females ‘bring home the bacon’ so to say. Well, this is not entirely true...

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Kwandwe Private Game Reserve location map

Big Five Game Viewing

Kwandwe is one of the largest private Big Five game viewing areas in South Africa


With 54 000 acres of private wilderness, accommodating a maximum of 52 guests, making Kwandwe one of the highest land:guest ratios in South Africa

Easy Access

Located perfectly for a self-drive or fly-in safari