A tribute to the Old South Lioness - blog post image
Wildlife  |  7 February 2018

A tribute to the Old South Lioness

It’s been almost two weeks since the Old South Lioness has been seen. We have found the rest of her pride several times during that period, and each time we have been hopeful that the old lioness would be there, that she would have re-joined the pride after a few days alone. So far, each time this has not been the case. Could this mean that the end for this legendary lioness of Kwandwe has finally come? Sadly, as each day goes by with no sign of her, this looks increasingly likely.  Read More

Birding day - blog post image
Wildlife  |  4 May 2018

Birding day

For some it can be astonishing that people can go out into the wilds of the African bush and only “look” at birds, but for many, and more specifically us guides (the term game ranger has fallen away due to the various aspects of natural outdoors, not only “the game”-wild animals) it can keep us u...

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The three cheetah sisters – overcoming the odds  - blog post image
Wildlife  |  10 October 2017

The three cheetah sisters – overcoming the odds

Cheetah have always been a special animal at Kwandwe and steal the hearts of many of our guests. A litter of four cubs, three females and a male, have miraculously beaten the odds by making it to independence.

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Kwandwe is one of the largest private Big Five game viewing areas in South Africa


With 54 000 acres of private wilderness, accommodating a maximum of 52 guests, making Kwandwe one of the highest land:guest ratios in South Africa

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