Campfire Cooking

Learn to master the art of barbequing while on safari! Few countries are as renowned for their barbeques as South Africa. Kwandwe provides an exciting opportunity to learn about preparing and cooking authentic South African ‘braais’ and favourite dishes with local ingredients.

Based on a minimum 3 night stay at any of our three sole-use safari villas, the experience is private and can be adapted to suit individual needs. Three sessions are spent learning from Kwandwe’s executive culinary team. Recipes of the below mentioned dishes are included to take home, detailing preparation, cooking times and ingredient substitutes.

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A a well established social custom and a traditional way of outdoor cooking in South Africa, a ‘braai’ involves barbequing meat over an open fire. The session will include the preparation of a 3 course meal over an open campfire. Apart from learning to expertly barbeque different types of venison, such as impala, kudu, ostrich, warthog and gemsbok (vegetarian alternatives available), Guests also help to prepare traditional accompaniments such as stoke (or ‘pot’) bread, mielie (corn) bread, farm butter, krummel pap (crumbly porridge made from maize meal) with chakalaka (spicy tomato relish) and potato salad.


Included is a hands-on lesson on how to make boerewors, a type of lightly spiced sausage popular in South African cuisine and traditionally cooked as a key ingredient of any braai. Learn to brew ‘moer koffie’, coffee prepared in a tin pot over an open fire.

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Ingredient variations will be offered to easily adapt menus back at home, and Guests are also taught how to best cook the different meats to achieve the best possible flavour and tenderness, including the preparation of a barbeque and how to achieve optimum temperature.


Explore cooking traditional South African favourites such as Cape brandy pudding, malva flavoured doughnuts (a variation of the malva pudding), melktert, hertzoggies and koeksisters. Edible plants found on the reserve (such as spekboom, prickly pear and aloe) will also be used to make a refreshing sorbet. QUICK MEALS IDEAS Chef will share a few of his secrets to preparing quick and easy meals, with only a few key ingredients – a must for everyday life when time is of the essence!


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