African Bush Walks: Discovering the Beauty of Indigenous Wildlife and Nature
By Chris van Zyl

If you’re looking for a unique and thrilling experience in Africa, walking through the bush is something that you shouldn’t miss. A walk through the African bush is an immersive and unforgettable way to experience the beauty of nature, wildlife, and the distinct African landscape.


Some of the main focuses are the smaller things that you might miss while driving, from tracks and signs that various animals have left behind to insects and flowers and so much more. Observing these intricate details allows for a far more thorough understanding of what goes on out here.


It is also a very unique opportunity to view big game on foot, place your footsteps in theirs, and truly appreciate their magnificence and magnitude. Using all aspects of nature so that the very same animal you are viewing is completely unaware of your presence, provides one of the most natural and rewarding sightings possible.

Walking through the African bush requires a certain level of passion and curiosity while having to adhere to safety guidelines that are set in place to protect both visitors and wildlife. Therefore, Kwandwe has many trained professionals specifically trained to interpret what the bush has to offer.

As one of my mentors had previously said: “You will notice as you are walking your eyesight, sense of smell and hearing will dramatically increase. It is almost a primal instinct that takes over as you are walking amongst all of the magnificent and apex animals that you, yourself have to adapt to become one of the greats”.


Personally, it is my absolute favourite way to experience the bush, as I always say a game drive is a great way to observe the African wild but by going on a bush walk you now form part of it and as much as I might try and put it in words, very few can explain the feeling of complete serenity.

All images by Honest Work