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Camp Life  |  4 April 2018


Let’s face it, drooling over many wildlife photos on Instagram can be all the motivation one needs to get back out in the bush, and of course we all want to show off a little by posting our memories of the trip. But unless you’re doing these exciting adventures on a regular basis, and most of us are not, then one of the top of the range cameras may not be a necessity.

I think we really are fortunate to have a fairly good camera on the phone we carry. I have an IPhone and it has stolen my heart. Whichever one you use, here are a few things I find can be very useful in trying to achieve that post everyone’s talking about.

1) Look at the bigger picture. Phones lack the big 400mm lens but can often tell more of a story to the image by including not only the subject but what surrounds it too, such as the landscape and big cloudy skies.

Iphonography - 1
Iphonography - 2

2) Play around with how you take your photos, such as angle you are taking your photo and even the angle your phone is at when taking the shot. This can affect aspects such as light and colour in your photo.

3) Take photos of the small things. They have their own very fascinating stories and can hold intense detail which speaks volumes.

Iphonography - 3
Iphonography - 4

4) Use the editing apps and filters. A good friend once told me “it makes a good photo a great one.” There is nothing wrong with adding this extra touch, this is art and there are no rules.

5) Be camera ready. Wildlife is far the most part fairly unpredictable. The next Instagram hit can happen at any moment and be over by the time you’ve finished entering your passcode.

Iphonography - 5
Iphonography - 6

These tips might be useful on your next safari or even while out for a walk in the park. We need to consider how we capture our memories as they gain value in many ways as the days go by.


Kwandwe Private Game Reserve location map

Big Five Game Viewing

Kwandwe is one of the largest private Big Five game viewing areas in South Africa


With 54 000 acres of private wilderness, accommodating a maximum of 52 guests, making Kwandwe one of the highest land:guest ratios in South Africa

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